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Stephanie Spears, Martial Artist and Author

Author, Stephanie Spears

Stephanie Spears is a martial artist, instructor and business owner. She has over 20 years of experience in martial arts. It's her true passion and she loves passing on her knowledge and watching others grow through their martial arts training. 

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Why the Black Belt Playbook

"I wanted to create a guide and interactive tool to help my students succeed on the road to black belt. I know it can be challenging to stick with something long term and being an instructor for over 15 years, I've seen the challenges students face especially at a younger age. It's an amazing accomplishment to develop the discipline required to stick with martial arts and reach black belt. Students who succeed at this have such an advantage in life!


After creating The Black Belt Playbook I realized it's a tool for any student at any martial arts school and so I wanted to make it public for others to benefit from. For instructors and school owners I hope you'll find this book useful in encouraging your students to stay on track and overcome challenges. It's a journal of their journey and something they can look back on and treasure later in life!" 

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