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Positive, Growth Mindset

Something that’s easy to do when business isn’t going as well as you’d like, is to start becoming negative in your thinking. Negativity not only hurts your progress but it affects those around you and can bring down the energy of your classes and interactions with clients. You may not even be aware of your negativity and so it’s good to check yourself once in a while. Here is a list of negative behaviors to consider and ask yourself if any of these are true for you:

  • Regularly complaining about things that haven’t worked so far

  • Not feeling happy to teach or excited to go to work

  • Dismissing ideas without really trying them

  • Telling yourself something doesn’t work rather than modifying and trying again

  • Airing frustrations with co-workers, staff or students/parents

  • Not giving your best effort in your classes, interactions, daily tasks, etc.

Be honest with yourself about whether or not you’ve been guilty of one, a few or all of the items on the above list. The good news is this can all be fixed with a mindset shift! In order to grow, it’s vital to stay positive with a willingness to pivot and change course as needed. Forget about what hasn’t worked so far and make sure you start each day with a fresh attitude asking yourself “how can I grow my business today?” Here are some practical suggestions to put yourself in the right mindset for positivity and growth:

  1. Stop complaining immediately

  2. Remind yourself daily of your overall goal and vision for your business.

  3. List the things about your business that are good and the things you are grateful for

  4. Be open to feedback, suggestions and critiques

  5. Have an open mind and try a creative range of ideas to grow your business. If something doesn’t work, analyze the situation and see how you can make it more effective or if the thing you’re trying just needs to be given more time.

  6. Constantly look for ways to improve, never settle for good enough

  7. Encourage your team

Starting, growing and sustaining a business is hard. Remember to give yourself a break and let go of any past failures. This is a process of innovation and strategy that takes time to develop before you see the results. Keep pouring into your work and the tasks that are the most effective at growing your business. Keep yourself in a positive mindset with things like affirmations, encouraging self-talk, and surrounding yourself with others who support and encourage you. You can do this!

Stephanie Spears

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